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The Eye Consultants Clinic is Dubai’s leading eye care provider. Conveniently located in Dubai’s Healthcare City, the Eye Consultants Clinic distinguishes itself as being one of the most modern and best equipped eye treatment clinics in the UAE. Our goal is to meet the needs of our patients with the highest level of patient care and most up-to-date technology.

The experience our eye specialists acquired over the last 20 years is unsurpassed anywhere in the region. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the credentials our ophthalmologists achieved in their respective fields, and also in the high level of professionalism and care our support staff shows our patients on a daily basis.

Our eye clinic offers a wide range of eye care at affordable prices including, vision correction using the most advanced LASIK surgery , plastic eye surgery (oculoplastics), pediatric eye care, low vision management & squint correction, treatment of diabetic eye disease, and cataract eye treatment. Very few eye care centers in Dubai offer this wide range of services in one place.

Thanks to our patients who put their trust in us, we are becoming the fastest growing eye clinics in Dubai. We invite you to take a closer look at what we have to offer, and hope to see you soon.

Patients' Testimonials
  • I did the ultra lasik with Dr. Tarek Ibrahim
    from Eyeconsultants and I was so happy with the
    result. I was worried before doing the surgery
    and had asked him so many questions before
    starting and he was extremely patient and
    listening. Because he was so calm and focused I
    felt more comfortable during the surgery.
    Thank you for everything. Can’t forget the amazing
    feeling after the ultralasik when I was
    able to see everything in good quality just like
    “4K” :) and without the need of eyeglasses
    or contact lenses for ever!! Thank you so much
    Dr. Tarek you made a change in my life !

  • Dr. Walid is the best doctor for Squint surgeries,
    his attitude was great dealing and explaining
    everything about the surgery… the procedure
    succeeded 100%, I do advise everyone to go to
    Dr. Walid Abdalla, he is a great doctor.

    Saleh Rashed
  • Dr Ahmed and his team are amazing, fantastic
    and the best ever for eye treatment. If you need
    any eye treatment then go to eye consultants,
    see Dr Ahmed you will be amazed and have
    great results.

    Pat Hopkins - Mirdif
  • I was happy to find that all the test and diagno-
    stics happened at the same place. It’s very con-
    venient. Surgery Itself went smooth and was ex-
    plained throughout the session by the doctor.
    Thanks to Eye Consultants Center and all the
    staff members.

    Patient Anonymous
  • I had Lasik eye surgery for my long-sightedness. It has made
    a huge difference. No more contact lenses or glasses.
    They have state of the art equipment and the
    whole thing was so quick. They could have war-
    ned me that the first night would be uncomforta-
    ble but after that it has been brilliant. Would tho-
    roughly recommend them. I am 62 years old so
    never too old to improve your sight and life.

  • My visit with Dr. Walid Abdalla was excellent. I
    appreciate services and doctor treated me
    nicely and explained me well about my problem

  • Dr. Abdalla was prompt and helpful. I would re-
    commend him to my friend

  • My visit was very pleasant and the eye doctor is very

  • Excellent advise and successful eye surgery!

  • Quality staff. we are very satisfied. we were gr-
    eeted excellently personnel de qualité . nous so-
    mmes très satisfaits . nous avons été accueillis
    de manière excellente

  • My experience at the Eye Consultants Clinic was
    Amazing! I was impressed by the wealth of
    knowledge that Dr. Walid has in his field.
    I felt that I was in good hands during my eye


Our Eye Specialists

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						Eye specialist in dubai, eye consultants dubai


    Cataract surgery, Suture-less Vitrectomy, Prime IOL, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Detachment, Macular Surgeries.

    Dr. Ahmed El Khashab
  •  Pediatric ophthalmologist Dubai, Squint Surgery in Dubai, Infant Visual Acuity, Oculoplasty treatment Dubai


    Plastic Eye Surgery ,Squint Surgery, Pediatric and Infant Visual Acuity, and Orbital Cases

    Dr. Walid Abdalla
  • Ophthalmologist Dubai,Ophthalmologist Specialist in Dubai, Eye Doctor Dubai, 
						Eye specialist in dubai, eye consultants dubai


    Lasik Eye Surgery,Corneal Transplant,Cross linking,Corneal Dermoid Excision,Keratoplasty,Corneal Laceration Repair

    Dr. Tarek Ibrahim