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Our Healthcare Philosophy

The philosophy of Eye Consultants is to provide the patient and his or her family and friends supportive and loving care, in tranquil surroundings, to promote a full and lasting recovery to their eye problems. The patient is then given access to community resources that will minimize future health crises and facilitate on-going good health.

We seek to alleviate emotional as well as physical problems and enhance access to services contributing to recovery. With appropriate eye checkup, the opportunity of the patient to return to normal daily activities is greatly enhanced. We respect the patient's right to be aware of complete and current information regarding his or her medical condition. This includes, but is not limited to, the prognosis and plan of care, as well as any significant risks that may be involved. Each and every patient shall have the right to refuse any and all treatments.

Patients and their families are assured that the physician, medical director, Coordinator and nursing staff are available to discuss any matter of concern to the patient or family. The patient has a right to complete privacy concerning their health care program, including all written communication, case histories, consultations, physical examinations, and treatments. Our goal is to facilitate recovery through a variety of therapies, medicine and education.