Contact lenses are suitable for people of all ages who live an active lifestyle, but finding the right type of contact lens can be a daunting task. The options include soft and hard contact lenses and also include a choice between daily disposable, fortnightly or monthly contact lenses. By choosing the full eye care service offered by Eye Consultants, making the right choice will be simple and easy.

Low vision is a condition that cannot be corrected by glasses, contact lenses or surgery. Eye Consultants specialize in the area of low vision care by providing personalized care and high quality low vision aids, which include high-powered spectacles, magnifiers and electronic aids. Our low vision care clinic begins with a low vision assessment and concludes with selecting the low vision aid that best suits your condition.

1) Optic Nerve sheath fenestration for patient with high intra cranial pressure

2) Temporal artery biopsies for optic neuritis patients.

3) Management optic nerve tumors.

4) Nerve palsies assessment & other neurological disorder assessment & management with the most advanced technologies are also carried out in our center.