Oculoplastic surgery, sometimes called plastic eye surgery, is a general term used to represent a variety of procedures. These procedures include orbital surgery (orbits are the bones behind the eye including the eyebrow and cheeks), eyelids, and tear ducts. Some types of plastic eye surgery are considered both medically necessary and cosmetic. For example, certain eyelid and periocular problems can affect a person’s appearance. their vision, eye comfort, as well as eye health all at once. In these cases, plastic eye surgery is comprised of combining the microsurgery of ophthalmology and the aesthetic and reconstructive aspects of plastic surgery.

Common procedures we perform at the Eye Consultants clinic include:

  • Eyelid lift surgery for blepharoplasty, eyelid reconstruction for ptosis and eyelid tumors.
  • Removing eye bags with and without surgery.>
  • Tear duct surgery
  • Cosmetic, reconstruction, and artificial prosthesis surgeries (Artificial eyes)
  • Advanced Eye Plastic Surgical Modalities such as new methods of Eye bag removal and Eyelid lifts
  • Pediatric oculoplastic surgery

Eye Tearing (Epiphora)

Eye Tearing, also known as watery eyes, is a condition where tears overflow onto the face from one or both eyes rather than draining normally through the nasolacrimal system. For more information on this condition and how we manage it at the eye consultants please click here.

Dr. Walid Abdulla, head of the pediatric ophthalmology, strabismus & oculoplasty units at the Eye Consultants clinic, specializes in both oculoplastic surgery and pediatric ophthalmology and is the best doctor to perform oculoplastic surgery for both you and your children.