Our Machines

  • Slit Lamp

    Used for fundus examination

  • Yag & argon Laser

    Used for retinal laser, glaucoma and posterior capsule opacity

  • Cirrus

    For Fundus photo, OCT & Fluorescien angiography

  • DRS

    For Fundus Photo

  • EX500 lasik

    For Refractive Surgery

  • IOL Master

    IOL calculation

  • CV

  • Dorc Eva

    For Cataract & Retina Surgery

  • Optos

    For visual field

  • Infiniti

    For Cataract Surgery

  • EZ Scan

    For scanning posterior & anterior Segment of the Eye

  • Oculyzer

    For Corneal Topography


    Fastest and most reliable method for finding accurate glasses prescription


    It is essential for a quality retinal observation in the periphery, where diabetic retinopathy often proliferates.

  • Direct Ophthalmoscopy

    allows to see inside the fundus of the eye and other structures