The Eye Consultants Clinic has a highly specialized pediatric ophthalmology unit in Dubai. Our doctors have been trained as pediatric ophthalmologists to better serve the unique demands of your children’s eyes. Services include pediatric eye check-ups, screening for any hidden vision threatening conditions, eye infection therapy, and congenital disease. We also provide pediatric strabismus treatments including orthoptic training, vision therapy, proper refraction, glasses, and advanced strabismus surgery. Child vision assessment is a challenge we are happy to carry out. As subjective visual acuity assessment is impossible in kids, specialized hand held machines are used to assess your child's visual acuity in a child friendly manner. We offer advanced techniques in computer based training for extra ocular muscles disorders, learning & reading difficulties and special training courses for each disorder with well-trained vision therapists

Squint treatment is our area of specialty, with advanced techniques at our disposal to manage vertical, horizontal & complex types of squint for patients of all ages. At Eye Consultants you can depend on our eye specialists to implement the best solution for your specific squint condition.

1) Full pediatric eye examination

2) Refraction and glasses

3) Amblyopia therapy

4) Visual rehabilitation for children with special needs

5) Eye inflammation and infection Management

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