With our impeccable history of thousands of successful cases and surgeries over the cumulative years of experience of our consultants ophthalmologist in each department. Retinal Unit in Eye Consultants is highly specialized to manage diabetic eye diseases & other related retinal eye diseases with the most advanced machines (fundus camera, digital FFA & ICG and most advanced OCT & advanced Laser Eye Surgery in a state of the art eye clinic in Dubai. Retinal surgery unit is fully equipped with the state of art vitrectomy machines (sutureless technique - minimally invasive) and most advanced surgical microscope for a fast, safe & full recovery.

1. Comprehensive Retinal Examination

2. Diabetes Eye Care

3. Age Related Macular Diseases

4. Highest Technology in Retinal Investigations

5. Retinal Laser Photo Coagulation

6. Retinal Laser Eye Surgery

7. MICS Vitreo-Retinal Surgery

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